Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Warm Tortillas

tortillas 4

Hot out of the tortilla machine. This contraption is not found at many HEBs in the area but we were lucky enough to get one last year. I LOVE the tortillas made here. They are fresh, just the right thickness and yummy for breakfast tacos, fajitas, with a little butter or just plain.

tortillas 2


Sarah said...

Can't you also see them making tortillas at Taco Cabana?

Kate said...

Quite a production.

danafaye said...

Yummy ... wish I could have one right now ... there's nothing like a fresh tortilla.

Shorty said...

Yeah HEB made tortillas are sooo good—and I'm not really a tortilla girl.

bescomfg said...

The Beta 900 Flour Tortilla Machine makes up to 900 tortillas per hour. See more here:

Best Regards,
BE&SCO Manufacturing, Inc.