Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Preparations

Preparing stockings

It is very hard to believe that December is a couple of days away already. My sister and her family were visiting from FL so I really wanted to finish gifts for all our FL family members in order to send it all back with her but I lacked just two gifts! Oh well. Here are some stockings we did manage to fill and send back with her.

I love Christmas time and finding just the right things for a friend or family member. It really is fun. I learned about the stocking tradition when I met my husband and his kids. I had so much fun finding goodies for them that my sisters and I started stockings for the kids in our families and each other. I think it's my favorite gift related activity!

Thank you everyone for your interest in the blog and for your comments and emails. I love hearing from all of you!


Ioanna said...

Nice boots!

Dan said...

Love the vibrancy of the colors in this picture. I also love Christmas time. It is so fun buying stuff for others.

Shorty said...

Hey T. Hope you and your family had great fun. Sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday I so wanted to go, but it was just my luck that the kids sickness finally made it to me. Janie said she was also sad to miss it. We weren't too big into stockings when we were little, but in the last couple of years I've really tried to do them more, especially with you setting such a great example. P.S. the peeps at work are all abuzz about your blog. We all agree that you rock at picture taking.

Thiên said...

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone. Shorty, that is so nice of the staff to take an interest. Tell everyone HI!