Monday, November 19, 2007


Seguin town square, getting ready for Christmas '07

While downtown, I saw evidence that Christmas is indeed right around the corner. Decorations are going up, including on this light post. It's cloudy this week according to the forecast but when I took this series of photos last Friday, it was a perfect and beautiful day.


Dan said...

Beautiful pic. I love the red/blue contrast and the green/blue complimentary colors in the same frame.

Here in McKinney we have a Christmas festival on the 23rd and 24th. It is called "Dickens of a Christmas". Several locals dress up in period costumes and take a turn about the historic district. I will be posting some pics of this over the next few weeks.

HoodPhotography said...

Its almost like a contradiction, the wreath against the sunny blue sky and the leaves on the trees still being green! Around here, there are no sunny skies and no leaves on the trees!

Shorty said...

I wish SA did more like this. I'd been waiting for the Christmas tree to go up in Alamo Plaza so I could do our annual trek and take some pics.