Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Compass reflection

Hello, hello. I'm home now! Been busy trying to catch up on things --- work, house, emails, blogs. LOL. Busy. Since I've got home, we've done the following:
  1. Watched a movie, had pizza and enjoyed a nice evening together.
  2. Went to Sams in San Marcos, which is about 20 minutes from here.
  3. Went to HEB for "regular" groceries.
  4. Watched NC State beat East Carolina. Go Wolfpack!
  5. Swiffered (we like to go barefoot, we have hardwood floors, I do not like walking around on dust).
  6. Prepped ingredients for King Ranch casserole for a lunch meeting tomorrow.
  7. Currently watching the Texas-Rice game and baking a chocolate cake for a bake sale tomorrow.
  8. Did NOT take any naps as I planned. hee hee

The compass is a gift from one of my new coworkers from Fontana. It reminds me of all the travels I've had, especially lately. Four weeks is a really long time and we had some great times as a group but I'm sure our families are all ready for us to be home. I'm lucky Mark has not minded my being gone so much (thanks again honey!) and I'm also glad that he postponed his own business trip so that we could have next week together. Then it's off to New Jersey for me and Rosenberg (TX) for him!

I'll try and get around town this week and catch up on the pics and bloggging. Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!


Tammy said...

Cool picture! And welcome home!

Dan said...

Wecome home! Love that compass. It is so cool and looks like an antique.

thanks for your comments on my posts! Thank God my daughter looks like my wife and not me.

JM said...

Very nice photo of the compass! The reflection is great.

Kris said...

You sound busy. You need a holiday! ;)

dennis said...

Dennis wants to eat now.

My human liked the caves in San Marcos.

E said...

Glad to have you back - if only for a little while. You and Tammy's lack of blogs has been killin' me!!! =0)