Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wing Stop

The new Wing Stop in Seguin

To continue to food theme, we now have a Wing Stop in town. There had been signs, articles, speculation, delays and now it's finally open. We haven't been yet but I'll give a report if/when we do. I only say "if" because we have our own recipe we make at home that we are pretty happy with lately. Now when I was in Columbia (SC) we went to Carolina Wings and they had pretty great food so hopefully our little Wing Stop will be worth visiting.

I'm writing from Summit, NJ. We are so happy to be here because we left SA at 8am and spent an additional 3.5 hours flying around in the air, 1 round over Rocky Mount (NC), many rounds over Lynchburg (VA), a refueling stop in Baltimore, another 2 rounds about 40 miles away from Newark and then finally we landed around 7:20pm EST. Good thing I had a good buddy with me.


Tammy said...

Not sure when I'll try out this place. My husband is not a fan of chicken.
Enjoy your trip.

Squirrel said...

not a huge chicken fan, but the wing is such a savory tidbit--hard to resist.

Dan said...

We have one of these nearby too. They have some wings that are crazy hot that my son and I love but no one else will eat.

dennis said...

Dennis is near NJ! Dennis is wondering if you'll be in NJ for very long--

Thiên said...

I'm home now Dennis. Sorry!