Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flower Power

Yellow flowers in the wind

This morning I ran a bunch of errands while Mark rested as he was feeling a bit under the weather. There were so many people out and about today since Trade Days happened down on the square (I have blogged about this before) so it seemed like everyone took advantage of the event and tagged on their own yard/garage sale or cookout fundraiser. All I know is that there was a ton of traffic. Not SA "ton" but a lot for our little town.

While I was out and about, I took some time to just roam around and enjoy the blooming beauties about town. Not only are the gardens fully engaged (though ours is a bit behind since we waited so long), but there are plenty of flowers to enjoy as well. I shot this along Camp Street. The wind was gusting a bit and it was fun to try and sneak in some shots between gusts. I like this one because it reminds me of the fun I had trying to beat the wind. To me, I can feel the wind in this shot.

All I think about when I see flowers now is that our little bees are hopefully enjoying all the pollen! :) They are doing well. We took a look at the three backyard hives and they were active. We watched them for a while and noted that they were carrying in plenty of pollen on their little legs. So cute. And the pollen was all different colors. I really enjoyed it. Smokey sat with us for a while also. He loves it when we're out there with him. He's so like a little kid sometimes.

What we did this evening and are doing now:
  1. Went shopping for work clothes for me. Thanks honey! Mark gives awesome fashion advice and I really trust his opinion on my outfits!
  2. Had dinner at the Noodle House in SA. We both did pho. Yum.
  3. Listening to Diana Krall. I love her!
  4. Blogging and loading pictures onto Flickr.
  5. Mark's playing with his new webcam. Now I can see him when I'm on the road!
  6. Thinking about work. And what I SHOULD be doing. :-\


E @ Scottsville said...

I love it now that the flowers are back!!! Ahhh, Spring!

Thiên said...

True, Erica. Except the slight irritation due to all the pollen! :)