Friday, April 24, 2009

Prickly Pear Blooms

Prickly Pear Pinkish Bloom

Hi everyone, I'm back in Seguin again. Last time I went with Mark to check on the country bees, we noticed the prickly pears were starting to bloom. I love the beautiful yellow of the blooms and if you drive around right now, you'll notice many of the cacti are in bloom. I hope the bees are enjoying them and I hope you all have a great weekend!


C and C Mommy said...

very cool!!

glad you are home!!

Dan said...

Aren't these wonderful flowers? I love the contrast between the beautiful soft bloom and the thorns. Reminds me of a lot of girls I dated in my single days! Have a great weekend.

Thiên said...

Thanks, Lisa. Hey Dan, you are a riot. What were you doing picking out the prickly girls, anyway? ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved to see the cacti in bloom. I have only seen pictures as anytime I was in Arizona in the summer the desert was not in bloom. Sad.

Hope said...

Great photo.

WHAT has happened to our Spurs??!! [We can't be counted out yet, though!]


E @ Scottsville said...

On our way home from church this morning, we were noticing how ALLLL of the cactus had HUGE yellow flowers opened up on them. They were EVERYWHERE! =0)