Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bags o' Water

We went to one of the best burger places I've ever been to -- Kirby's Korner. I love this place. I was sitting there and noticed these little bags of water hanging and had no idea what they were or why I've never noticed them in years past. My husband said that some people believe hanging bags of water keeps flies away from the area. Maybe it works b/c I did not see flies over here.


heidi said...

Thanks for your visit to my site. Unfortunately your photo didn't show up.

Love you site though very nice.


Shorty said...

Yeah these bags of stuff are supposed to attract flies. We had one at the house and I didn't see any flies in there. I think it's supposed to be like sugar water or something.

Felicia said...

My friend puts a bag with water in her backyard to keep the flies away. The story that she heard was that because flies have 3D vision they get freaked out when they see their reflection in the water. I'm not sure if it works either!

Lisi said...

interesting, never heard of this...will keep this in mind