Thursday, May 18, 2006

Texas Theatre

In the midst of renovation effort but I would like to explore it inside. This is an old, old theatre on Austin St., one of the main streets that runs through our square. There are more and more interesting, locally-owned shops popping up. Some in new buildings, many in existing old buildings. We have "Third Thursday" every month and merchants stay open later than usual, have music, entertainment and so on in order to encourage locals to stop by, meet folks, shop, have fun. I'll try and get a good snap soon.


Marie McC said...

Oh, I like this! You'll be glad you took these pictures when they start renovating or before they start bulldozing.

Felicia said...

It is so nice to see places like this being preserved. The sign is very cool - would like to see it at night!

Thiên said...

felicia: It's rarely lit as far as I know but if it ever is, I will snap it.

marie mcc: yes, after we started this daily blog, I realized I have more appreciation for things around me as I try to capture Seguin for people who have not ever been here.

Carol said...

Great shot! I know what you mean about appreciating the things around you after starting the photoblog. I used to miss all sorts of little things now I look at everything in a different way.

Third Thursdays sound like fun.