Thursday, May 04, 2006

Seguin, not Sequin!

As people pass the exits for Seguin, TX, they often imagine that the "g" is a "q." I did the same thing 11 years ago as I was driving the moving truck by same said signs. Seguin is home to about 24,000 people and all their animals...lots of land around us (we're between San Antonio and Houston). This is my little animal, Smokey the cat. On this day, he found a friend. I don't know from where and I dared not ask.


Carlos said...

Welcome to the group i will add you right away to my list. nice cutie!

Edwin Sumun said...

Welcome to the family!

Have added you to the links and looking forward to your pictures of Seguin.

Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Hi! Smokey. Welcome to the photo family.

MoonSoleil said...

A warm welcome from Saarbrücken, Germany!!!

I love you starting off with a cat, I love them and have one of these insane creatures myself (or does he have me? Who knows... =)

I'll visit more often, so good luck taking pics and see you on my next visit!

Thiên said...

Thanks everyone. It's very nice of you all to visit. Moonsoleil, have you come to Texas before?