Saturday, May 06, 2006

Historical Homes

Tried to post this one on Saturday but I had all sorts of trouble and was unsuccessful. Anyway, better late than never.

There are plenty of new homes being built in our little town of almost 24,000. My husband and I like to look at and explore the older homes ourselves. They seem to have so much more character. This is one of the projects started late last year. The property sits on a huge lot with big oaks and in addition to the main house, there are several really cool little bungalows. Those would make great rooms for visitors I imagine. If you want to see and read more on the house, see The Baxter-Fennell-Tips House. They have TONS of photos, past and some present renovation shots. Very interesting.

Our own home is about 100 years old and nowhere near the size of this project. We've done most of the work ourselves (mainly my husband but our son and I am the helpers) though we recently decided to let professionals redo our bedroom, the kitchen and some work outside on the house. I'll post before and after shots when we finish. It's really fun to find old things in the walls and under the house!

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