Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bare pecan trees

Bare pecan trees

We're still experiencing quite a bit of see-saw weather lately. 80 on Monday, 40s on Tuesday, 50s today. Who knows what it will really be tomorrow. Anyway, as I was driving from the library to the house, I noticed these neat piles of leaves in this yard. It reminded me of my childhood in NC, where fall meant lots of raking on weekends. We used to rake winding paths in the leaves and ride our bikes all around the yard before we finished our task. It made the chore more fun that way. Around Seguin, pecan trees are mostly bare of leaves now but on the tree in our backyard, we still see some pecans still in their little coverings, waiting to drop. And yes, there is still plenty on the ground.


Dan said...

Looks like a beautiful neighborhood. I posted a similar picture today. Check it out if you have some time.

As for the house renovation thing. We remodeled our kitchen this spring. Took the whole thing down to a bare concrete floor, water pipes sticking out of the walls, and high amp wires poking up where the electric range used to be. This experience seems to have whetted by wife's appetite for this sort of thing.

Jim said...

Y'all still rake your leaves? We did that our first year in our house, had I think 35 big bags. Every year since its mow the leaves leave the mulch. We take our chances with the pecans, and hope they dont fling out and hit a window. We still have a lot on the ground, but the ground has been so wet and cold nobody wants to steal them I guess.