Monday, December 03, 2007

Red leaves

Crepe Myrtle leaves

Sometimes we get so busy that we miss things right under our noses. I have been in Texas for a little over 12 years now and I have grown to love it here. I still, however, ache to see endless seas of orange, red and yellow leaves to herald in the fall of North Carolina, where I grew up. We were getting in the car Sunday and as I got in, I noticed the leaves on our crepe myrtle. Well, when did that happen? The leaves are so beautiful. I love red leaves.

Our weather has been sort of up and down lately. We caught a cold spell with nights in the 30s (F degrees) but then it warms back up into the 80s. It's hard to tell if it's spring, fall or winter. That's south Texas for you.

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Shorty said...

You know it's funny, people not from here always talk about the leaves not turning and there being no distinct four seasons, but I see the colors of the season in the trees and also feel the changing of the seasons. Now granted the colors and the seasons may not last as long or be as distinct, but still. :D