Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hello from up above...

Smokey keeps watch over things for us from his perch in the storage space in the study.

We're slowly getting the house put together after having so much work done on it this past year. The study is coming along although it is currently Gift Wrap Central. We have a house about a hundred years old. Mark found a government survey of historic homes in Seguin and our house was included. I like features on our old house, like the storage space tucked in above the closet here. Smokey likes it also, as you can tell. Anytime the ladder is brought out to do any kind of work, he has supersonic hearing and is up the ladder before we know it. And of course if we don't notice him right away, he will meow to get our attention.

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Dan said...

Last weekend we had a tour of historic homes here in McKinney. I will be posing a series of pics from that soon.

I admire your perseverence in restoring an old house. My wife wants to give it a try but I am intimidated by the amount of work and expense.