Sunday, December 16, 2007

The last trip to the post office

Seguin Main Post Office

Yesterday Mark and I made our last trip to the post office and our gifts for far off family members are on their way. We did priority because the postal rate is currently 5 days behind, pushing arrival of our things to post-Christmas. It is always nice when the staff tells you what your options are and also when they honestly tell you if it will make it in time!

This trip was fun. Everybody in line were good spirits and we talked and laughed and waved to Santa, who was there for pictures with anyone who wanted one. It was one of the most fun trips to the post office ever.


Pat said...

Ohhh, reminds me I must get to the post office! lol\


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Keropok Man said...

wow, that's a lot of stuff on the picture. is that what you are posting?

Thiên said...

oh yes and the week before, I posted just as many boxes...we have two big families!