Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fishing along the Guadalupe River

Fishing along the Guadalupe River.

Lately the weather has been lovely during the day. Still a nip in the air but enough sun to warm you up a bit. We like to cruise around town once in a while to just soak things in. It's very relaxing to drive, listen to the Sirius jazz and see what goes on around town. This is along the river in Starcke Park. There were plenty of fishing going on but I like this spot these men found. When I moved here from NC, I noticed and really liked the color of the water in rivers and creeks here. I grew up near the Cape Fear River and water in the middle of the state of NC tends to be muddy so you have a rusty color. I love the bluish green here.

I'll post a couple more the next few days of things we saw in the park.

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Denton said...

This is a big difference from yesterday's photo. I sounds like a wide range in temperatures this time of the year.