Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bath Time

Bath time

Yesterday was a trying day at work and on the way home, I had a car accident. It ranks somewhere between minor and major. No one was seriously hurt thankfully but it was a scary experience to sit there and know that you can't do anything but brace for impact. Luckily my airbags did not deploy. The jolt just left me achy and kind of stiff though.

On the bright side, this event forced me to relax by making time to soak in a hot bath to help ease the tension. The water color against the white was so pretty I had to take a shot. Then Mark made me hot tea and tucked me in on the sofa in front of the TV until time to sleep. It is really nice to have someone pamper you when you aren't feeling so hot. :)

Also on the bright side, the accident happened at the intersection of Kingsbury and Hildago, which happens to be where Shanafelt Auto Shop is located. So...we didn't have to drive the car but a couple of hundred yards in order to have it at the repair shop. They are also very nice folks and have done great work for us in the past. I highly recommend them.


Mo said...

It looks very inviting. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, take it easy and feel better!

Southern Heart said...

I'm so sorry about your accident, Thien. I hope that you will be back to 100% soon!

alexander said...

Beautiful photo. I like the classic looks of the bath tub.

Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad to no one is serious hurt. It just sprang out my mind; you may want the technician to check your airbag condition. Just a thought. :P :)

Anyhows, take care!

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Ken said...

Nice shot.
Speedy recovery!

Jim said...

The bath looks wonderful, looks like the tub looks neat too. We had rain all day yesterday and last night before the snow.

J.C. said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, Thien. Hope you are feeling better now and got over the it. Thank goodness that you are free of injury. Take care!

J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo

Jilly said...

There's something so inviting about a bath filled with warm water. I hope you put some bubbles in. And I hope you are feeling better now and not to sore. A crash, however, minor shakes you up.