Friday, March 07, 2008

Mountain Laurel & Ladybugs

Mountain laurels & ladybugs

Though these past few days have been on the cold side, we have actually had some very beautiful and warm days. There are lots of blooms coming out like the Redbud I posted earlier. This is from a small Mountain Laurel in our front yard. The flowers are very fragrant and the ladybugs just love it. I saw so many of the little bugs on the plant when I looked closely.

How many ladybugs do you see? I love the little baby one. :)


Jilly said...

Are the ladybugs red? In which case I see three. Beautiful photo. What a lovely tree this is.

George Townboy said...

Lady bugs are so cool ... great photo!

Thiên said...

I saw three also and they are red but I caught one that was not; it was more orange than red but I got him in a separate shot.

Ken said...

I'm so jealous. We're in the midst of another winter storm so flowers are many weeks away.
Very nice photo.

Mike said...

Hello from New York! Very pretty picture.