Friday, March 14, 2008

Cool shadows

Shadow of the lawn

Having a blog also means that your family and friends start looking around and seeing new things and saying, "Oh, take a picture of THAT, it'd be a good post!" I love it. So, my mother-in-law pointed out this cool shadow to me when we were together last weekend during their visit. I really liked the crisp shadow that the grass cast upon the sidewalk. It sort of reminds me of the media player screen when I play music. Or the medical equipment monitoring patients. Or a graph of how stock is doing (sort of).


Mo said...

Very nice Thien, do you find yourself looking a things differently now, then before the blog? I really feel like I see MORE of the world around me now.

Jim said...

Thats from grass? Neat.

Thiên said...

I definitely do, Mo. And yes, Jim. Can you believe it's just GRASS? :)

Chuck Pefley said...

Cool shadow indeed!! Nice find. And I really like the blue A-Frame with the old rusty 50's style chairs. Have a great weekend, Thièn.

Joy said...

Well, she was right! It is a very cool shot indeed! Nicely taken.

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Greg said...

Definitely cool photo

Jana said...

Its always fun when your family adn friends take an interest in your hobby!