Monday, June 29, 2009

Blooming in the Heat

Cotton bloom

I don't know how anything can bloom in this insane heat, but I am happy to see this cotton field, which can be found next to the Home Depot along IH-10 near Austin Street exit. We drove by last week to check on the field because it is within the 3-mile radius the bees fly so we were looking to see if any bees were there. Sure enough, we are happy to report there were bees. Now, we can only hope they are our bees from the backyard. :)

Cotton Field

This is the best looking cotton field around the area, as you can tell by the healthy looking leaves and blooms. There are many other cotton fields in this area but they are looking pretty pitiful due to the drought we are in still. It is so hot and dry out here, it's amazing. We've had many three digit heat days and there's been so little rain to provide relief. It's all so dry, so brown, so crunchy. The heat is so oppressive, you simply don't want to go outside even.


C and C Mommy said...

The heat scares me since it is only June!!

Hope said...

Thien - you always find a spot of beauty - even among drought conditions. Great photos!!


Mattexian said...

It's been so long since I last saw a cotton blossom, I first thought that was a magnolia bud opening up. My mom grew up in and around Temple, Tx and several years ago she got homesick for a cotton plant, so she put some seeds in the ground. Sure enough, she got a couple of big cotton plants and several grocery bags of unginned cotton out of them. She had to fight the squirrels for them tho, they kept yanking the bolls off the plant and taking bites out of them, apparently thinking they were pecans or acorns!

Thiên said...

Well, Hope, the drought certainly makes me appreciate any green growth I see.

Lisa, I've finally given up being scared of the heat. :( It's just HOT here. Seems like always.

Mattexian, that's a great idea to plant some personal cotton! I may just do that like your mom. THANKS!!