Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Local Author Book Signing

Mark's book presentation & signing

:) It's Mark! Last Thursday Mark had his first official book signing and I made it in time to catch the last few minutes of his talk and then I worked the purchasing table. The books are moving pretty swiftly and the publisher even spoke with Mark about buying some back...interesting! I am so happy for Mark because he enjoys talking with folks about the book. Saturday we went to drop copies off at Hastings, a local book/music/movie store, and while he was waiting to do paperwork, I strolled around looking at the books. Next thing you know, a "fan" was chatting him up and he signed her book for her. Sweet. I loved it.

Mark & Tally


C and C Mommy said...

Very cool....We have been saying we need to get that book!!

Thiên said...

We have copies and you can now find them at the Chamber office, Gift & Gourmet, Hastings, and the Heritage Museum. :)