Saturday, June 03, 2006


Time to cruise for the old-timers. We were at my favorite burger joint - kitchen still not useable. :( However, we got a treat b/c there was a club meeting going on and all these cool vintage cars were parked out front. They were restored beautifully and it was nice to see and hear the owners inside. They were a lively bunch and seem to enjoy each other. It's nice to have people with whom to share your hobby. We heard them talk about meeting down by the square but we didn't follow them.


santy said...

I bet they'll look cool when driving together and do a convoy down the streets!

Sarah said...

Those are cool!

Are you waiting for your new countertops?

Thiên said...

Yes Santy, that would be cool. I've seen a convoy but of a different group and their cars were older vintage.

Yep, the countertop is almost ready but still waiting on painter and carpenter to finish first. Oh, did I mention the floor guy is waiting also??