Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Palace

I wish this theatre was still open and showing current runs. It is really pretty all lit up in the evening on the rare occassion they are showing a movie. The last time I was there, we saw To Kill a Mockingbird, original black and white. Part of a library reading program/special event. It was awesome.


Shorty said...

The sis and her hubbie saw Mission Impossible 3 at our home theatre. They are even available for parties. :D I tried to get a pic of it last time I was in downtown, but I didn't get a chance.

AlanDP said...

We went to the Palace often when I was a kid. They showed the more popular movies in the bigger downstairs theater, and the less popular R rated movies in the smaller upstairs. We also went to the Texas a few times, but mostly the Palace.

There also used to be a drive in, the Dixie, at the corner of 123 bypass and Kingsbury. It closed sometime during the mid 80's.