Monday, June 05, 2006

It's summer and the pecan trees have put out their leaves. I've been looking at a lot of trees lately. Why? Because there is a little white, fuzzy caterpiller that likes the poor pecan trees. And I want to make sure those things don't fall on me! They just drop out of the trees like leaves on a fall day. Yuck. Anyway, a couple of years ago, the worms were so bad, most of the pecan trees in town were eaten up. It can be horrible. This is one of our trees in the backyard.


Shorty said...

I hate those little white worms too. I remember my grandfather had pecan trees on his property and those worms were always all over the place—are those the ones that make what look like white netting on the trees too? You can stop reading here unless you want to read about my scorpion adventure.

But I do prefer those over damn scorpions. At least the worms stay outside—yesterday I had to kill a scorpion that was crawling on my curtain. I couldn't find a good enough shoe so I went to get my scorpion killing pole and then I couldn't find it, and then I saw it had gone behind another curtain so I smacked it and missed and it fell and I thought I would never find it and so would never be able to sleep but then I saw it clinging further down on the curtain and missed it again and it was clinging onto the edge of the curtain and then I pulled the curtain to my side as much as I could and slowly got my killing pole closer to the scorpion and it's legs must have been stuck in the curtain because it didn't move (or else it was playing possum, which they like to do) and this time I got it, but of course I smashed it over and over until I was sure it was dead and then I threw it in the trash. But then for the rest of the night I couldn't sleep very well because I was thinking that there might be another scorpion. And then I overslept and got woken up at 7:25 when we had to leave at 7:30.

Thiên said...

OMG, thank you for such a good loud laugh so early in the morning Shorty. You are hilarious. Sorry to laugh at your scorpion misadventures but it's funny.

Sarah said...

How to scare the San Antonio Daily Photo girls:
C)used band-aids.

Shorty said...

Oh sure Sari, go telling all our secrets. What about you Soñita...what will make you squeal like a girl?

Anonymous said...

YUCK!..YUCK!..YUCK!..I remember these nasty, ugly, disgusting things. They are called the Fall Webworm (Hyphantria cunea). Native to North America and Mexico and they love the pecan leaf. I think the final result is a white moth.