Friday, June 02, 2006

Home Renovations

We're in the final stages of some major renovations to our 100+ year old home so I was too busy tub hunting after work yesterday to post. Sorry everyone! I did hunt around Seguin on the way home in search of an interesting parking situation but discovered we are quite unexciting in that department. Lots of 2 hour parking and some free parking along the 2 main downtown streets but that's about it.

We went to a place called Clawfoot Bathtub. It's in San Marcos which is 20 minutes from Seguin. We wanted a new old-fashion clawfoot tub and found one though not the Texas tub you see here. We also got to see other interesting tubs and accessories (talk about pricey), meet a good old hippy (very nice guy) and an adorable cat name Pretty Kitty.

More Clawfoot Bathtub photos.


Shorty said...

OMGs I love this Texas tub—don't think I would want one inside the house, but outside as a planter or something it would rock. I should take a pic of D's mother-in-law's bathroom, she at times has this Texas theme running through it.

Nicola said...

Funny find! Over here it's not very easy to find this kind of bath tubs.

Anonymous said...

I want that for my back yard.