Sunday, June 11, 2006


My husband and I go walking sometimes and I always like looking at this treehouse, one of the fanciest I have seen. I would have loved one like this when younger. But then again, I might enjoy it now as well! A quiet escape from all the things going on in our lives.

Sorry about the lack of posts, last week was the final days of our renovation project of the house and it just was not pleasant and consumed almost all our time. It's mostly done now and the worse is over so my posts should be more consistent.

Good night everyone!


Celine said...

What a beautiful tree! And I would love to go up in that treehouse, myself. The whole setting is great.

Sarah said...

So pretty! Is the whole house built around the tree?

Thiên said...

The treehouse is built around the tree and it matches the main house too. It does look really nice.

Shorty said...

I should tell D. about this, hehehe. Of course scorpions like to hide under tree bark so um...maybe I have to think about this.