Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moon Over Seguin

Moon Dec08 A4

Nothing takes your mind off being blue or feeling overwhelmed like staring a the big, beautiful moon. Before I go dig through more decorations boxes and then head to bed, I want to post a shot of tonight's moon. I would have missed this opportunity to see its beauty if a friend from work had not taken the time to call me to let me know that tonight would be a great night to get a few shots. Thank you, Alison!

Thanks to my wonderful man for fixing my tripod for me! I couldn't have gotten these shots without it honey. You rock!


Dan said...

Love the pic. This is so bright right now. Nice romantic light was pouring in through our windows last night! I love it.

Walker said...

Terrific picture of the largest moon for 2008.

I grew up in Seguin, checking your blog frequently.

I'm trying out wordpress. Here is my moon picture effort from yesterday evening.


Gresham Photo Blog said...

Beautiful... perfection ;)

Thiên said...

Thank you so much everyone. It's easy to get great shots when the subject is so beautifully breathtaking and cooperatively still. :)

babooshka said...

You nailed this. It's perfect.

brian said...

this really is perfect and so clear!