Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pecan Trees in Fall

Stormy sky behind a pecan tree

In contrast to the recent big, blue skies, we did have some cool dark days here and there. On the day I shot this, it was a cool gray in a dozen shades. I really liked it. Though I can't capture it really in a photograph, the pecan trees looked crisp and oddly golden and alive against the sky. Speaking of trees, the leaves are falling and piling up nicely everywhere. My plan is to wait until all leaves are off before raking. If I rake now, they'll be back! And with some wind action, maybe there won't be much to worry about later. ;)

I'm off to do more online Christmas shopping. Yesterday Mark and I did THREE stores in 1.5 hours at the Quarry in SA and we were tired. LOL. I used to be quite the in-store shopper but not today. We had a good laugh about it and went on to Big Kahuna where we had some really wonderful Vietnamese food. If you want to see and read on that, visit my La China blog.


Mattexian said...

The pecans around here (Beaumont) got stripped of their leaves by Ike roaring thru. They've had some un-Fall-like bright green sprigs pop out, caused by other limbs being broken off by the storm.

Dan said...

This looks good Thien, great picture. I was recently listening to a photography podcast and the speaker said he had his students get right under the tree by the trunk and shoot straight up to get a squirrel's eye view. Have you tried that? I haven't but I plan to.