Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Signs of Fall

Crepe myrtles against the sky

We don't get fall colors here in Seguin like I knew in North Carolina, but we do have a splash here and there this year. I love this red color of the crepe myrtle in our front yard.

Still trying to play with the camera and I'm really enjoying it immensely. I love the zoom (15x) and the Smart Feature. Most of the time, I turn it on and really just point and shoot. Literally. It handles almost all my settings just right. That firmware update also made all processing super fast. I love it.

Currently it's about 42F degrees, but feels like 34F. Nice. I love this cold weather. And the Spurs are ACTUALLY 20 points up on the Nuggets at halftime. Also nice, considering the way we've been playing lately. :)


Squirrel said...

the colors are fab and it looks like a beautiful day

Tammy said...

This photo is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

E said...

It almost looks like a photo of red flowers... they're SOOO red!

Very nicely done. =0)

b.c. said...

that is so pretty, i love this shot!

Cathy said...

Do you know what variety of crepe myrtle it is?

Woody said...

We have much more fall color than when I was growing up in Seguin. A triumph of the nurserymen to spread this wealth.

The red oaks, with glorious RED leaves in autumn, duh, and native to Texas, just not native to this part, make big splashes of color. Sycamores turn golden yellow. The cypress along the riverbanks go to rust. But many other plants -- nandina bushes, some ivies, etc. -- that contribute to the palette.

One commenter asked which variety of crepe myrtle. I don't know either, but a good online nursery will tell you which varieties it has with good fall color. Crepe myrtles give a big two-fer, with flowers all summer long it seems, followed by fall foliage and bark of rich hues.