Saturday, March 07, 2009

Garden & Yard Work


Today we spent the morning outside since it was a warm day and we have lots to catch up on out there. First we went got three tomato plants to start the garden but I'm sure we'll be putting in more than that soon. The first three plants are residing in the tub again. It's a great garden container still! Then we cleared out the old shed of all the STUFF we have in there so that Mark can demo it, take down the tree in front of it and then start his new workshop. But clearing it out was long overdue and we're both glad we did it. Also worked on one of the flower beds but not the bamboo, despite it being the subject of my photo. I just thought it looked pretty. :) I'm tired. So, thought I'd post an entry and then I must continue to pack and prep for my trip to Dallas next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Squirrel said...

Garden fever has begun!!!

C and C Mommy said...

My son and my husband planted our tomato plants last week too!!

I love the warm weather!!

Thiên said...

I must admit, though I love the garden kickoff, I still long for cold weather more.