Saturday, March 14, 2009

HD Nails

Shopping for nails

Another shot from our Home Depot trip last weekend. I call this the wall of nails. You need a nail? They got it. Well, almost. Mark had one particular nail size, coating and head (not sure if that's the officially recognized name for the top of the nail but I think that's what I heard) that he needed for the bee boxes but HD did NOT have it!!! Wow. All that selection, which is pretty cool, but not the one we need. Mark made do. It's cheaper than ordering it from the special beekeeping catalog.

Saturday morning and I'm enjoying the cold weather for the last day I think. Mark's at a meeting and I'm listening to my La China music selections as I catch up on all my blogs, Flickr, FB and email. I haven't even looked at work since I left work yesterday! I may have thought about it and talked about it, but I did NOT open up email. It's my attempt to not become an extreme workaholic. I hope you all have a great weekend. I need to go outside and take a look at the tomato plants. And it looks like the dang squirrels dug up the rosemary pot on the deck. Grrr...would someone come by and help me get rid of some of them?!?! They drive me crazy digging up everything. :(


C and C Mommy said...

Our squirrels eat our strawberries before we can pick them!! It makes Chandler sooo mad because she sees one and leaves it there to get bigger and then it gets stolen!!

Don't send them to my house!!

Thiên said...

Maybe Chandler's strawberries could use a safety cage or something. I need a safety cage on the yard.

Jacob said...

I'd say you sure nailed that photo!

C and C Mommy said...

That is exactly what her Daddy said he was going to some cages for her!! She loves strawberries and I saw a sign on highway 725 that said "Pick Your Own Strawberries." We might need to head over there!!

Neva said...

How could there possibly be a nail missing from this lot????wow. nice shot.