Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I crown thee...

Excuse me!

On a lighter note, have you been to Burger King lately? We had not been in a very, very long time and while we were on the road recently, we needed a quick bite so we gave BK a go. So....when did these cute little nuggets come along? I just thought it was cute and it made me smile. Crown-shape nuggets. Cool.

This evening Mark and I had dinner with a coworker friend who is in town from Dallas -- we had such a great time! And you know what? I was disconnected from cellphone, computer and TV and it was nice! I love technology, of course, but sometimes it IS nice to have a break. Even if the break was only three hours. :)

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C and C Mommy said...

My kids would love those....they love the dinosaur nuggets from Tyson!!