Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get well soon, Manu.

Manu at the line

We need your energy and your wild, wild games! We lost to the Celtics last night. And Texas just lost to the Dukies. :(

Got pretty warm today again. I was helping Mark out in the yard a bit and I went to check on the bees in the backyard. There were a number of them hanging out at the entrance though I did see many carrying in pollen. I told Mark they were doing something and he came to check them out. He pointed out to me how they were checking out every bee coming and going. And they were pushing out the bees that didn't belong to the hive...ROBBER BEES! Shame on them. Mark says that the bees have the queen's scent and if they don't, then the hive's bees know it and kick them out. That is so cool to me! They sure a interesting and smart little creatures.


C and C Mommy said...

I want to go to a SPURS game....I am jealous!!

AlanDP said...

Another trick they do is when it gets hot in the summer, a lot of bees will sit at the hive opening fanning their wings just to blow outside air into the hive to help keep it cool.