Friday, May 22, 2009

Caterpillar Comes to Seguin

Caterpillar is coming to Seguin!

We're all very happy that Caterpillar is bringing operations to Seguin! The land is being prepared and it looks pretty impressive each time I pass by going to and coming from work. Before I left for North Carolina, there were two homes still up and plenty of trees so that you couldn't see IH-10 from Kingsbury/Hwy 90. I am gone a week and a half and it's all changed! It's exciting to see the new changes around town. Across from here, the Breismeister Middle School is also undergoing some growth construction.


smeagle356 said...

Hi from South Carolina! Thanks for the pics. How's the construction coming along now?

Thiên said...

Hello there, do I know you?? :)

Construction is coming along great. I will try and do an update post for you to see. Thanks for stopping by.

smeagle356 said...

Hi again! No we have not met. I was browsing the web and had recently read the article in the Seguin Gazzette about the good news of new jobs then saw the photo blog. Thanks. Have a wonderful day!