Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birds & the Garden

Little woodpecker visits often

Besides the squirrels, birds sure do love the pecan trees in the backyard. I've posted about the woodpeckers before but I never get tired of seeing them in the trees.

Sad news on the mockingbird front. I posted a shot of the nest in the front yard tree earlier this spring but never posted about it again because the nest was destroyed by a wind storm we had. BUT the birds came back a few weeks ago and rebuilt the nest and we were so excited to see them. Today after church, I even saw the tail feather of the mama sitting on the nest but my hands were too full to snap a shot. This evening when I went out to water, I saw a dead baby on the ground. It had feathers and was maybe 5 inches long, good long legs. I was sad to see it and haven't seen the mama flying around. I wonder if there are any other babies up there.

Garden update: no new pictures to share since I'm sure you don't need to see more tomato shots. Those are the best plants we have going, next to the lemongrass. Everything else is pretty much done for the season I think. The cucumbers are really suffering but I don't know from what. Too much sun and heat? There are only two cucs on the vines and they don't seem to be producing more. Not sure what the deal is on that. Disappointing. Next year, we'll try a different variety and maybe in a partly sunny spot.

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The Liberator said...

I never get tired of seeing woodpeckers--often i hear them but can't locate them! This is the best pic of one I've seen!