Saturday, June 07, 2008

On the way home from work

What is it??

One day last week, after another good day at the office, I was driving home on Kingsbury Street near the Tyson's plant, when I saw something out of the ordinary. You know what that out, just in case it was something worth documenting. And it was! I went around the block and doubled back so I could try and get a good shot but through my windshield was the best I could manage without getting in the street.

What first drew my attention was the man on TOP of the thing being hauled. He was making sure that the cargo they were hauling would not touch the line. Needless to say, it moved at a snail's pace. While this one was clearning the lines, another truck waited back down the road.

I had no idea what this was so I Googled Suzlon to see what it's about and now I am so thrilled to know that this was part of a wind turbine going through our town. Suzlon is actually the name of a company and I looked a one of their brochures and I believe this is a "nacelle" with a cover on it. I won't go into all the technical details here (b/c really, it's too much) but I am so glad I learned more about it! Who says blogging is a waste of time?!?

I have been wanting to see a wind farm for some time and maybe this is a sign for me to take a trip out to west Texas since we have at least one farm there. I think we have another one somewhere in the state.

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Carla Dallas said...

that's really cool, so it's going up near you all? the more the better!