Saturday, June 21, 2008

KWED of Seguin

A month or so ago, I had an opportunity to have some fun with the local radio station in town, KWED. I once saw a sign that said this stood for Keep Working Every Day. :)

KWED also has a print daily that they produce and there is a feature called Seguin Citizen. I was interviewed by a very nice lady and got my mug in the paper. Mark got in there several years ago when he came to work here in Seguin for the City before going back to San Antonio to work.

Anyway, as I stood in the hallway waiting, I saw that the show was running on the air so of course I pulled out the digicam and snapped some shots. I didn't really want to interfere with her work so I didn't ask to go in the room. Maybe next time.


E said...

How cool! I'll be watching the newspaper for ya. Did you tell about your blog? Think of how many hits you'll get!!!

Thiên said...

Actually, it has already been published! :) You are sweet to be so interested, Erica!

GiuCe said...

I love radio!!!... I'm preparing a radio show with some teenagers :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

I do visit and I do comment and I was here. I did look at your picture(s) and I did read what you wrote about them. I could say how great you are and how beautiful your work is but alas I would soon run out of things to say on the next blog I visited, so I just left this to prove I stopped and said a few words on Sunday.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis hurts so I am using the same message for all.

Afyonkarahisar said...

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