Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hanging out in the heat

We've had lots of little guys like this hanging around trying to catch some dinner around the porch, deck and near the water faucets. I love the green of this little one.

Yes, that was a hamburger cake in the last post. We loved it! We had picked out a chocolate cake that looked like a watermelon but they didn't have it so we got a hamburger instead. The unusual cake was a fun way to celebrate with the family. That's one of the ways we celebrate being together in our families (even with other friends and their families) -- we eat! My parents had us over one night for dinner and then mom even had a special bowl of soup for us on our way back to Texas (we pass their house from my sister's). It was a great week.


Kelly said...

I just love this photo! The green is so intense against that background!

Pearl Maple said...

Great photo of the lizard on the cool white rocks. Am enjoying seeing what everyone posts for Sky Watch Friday, so many views from around the globe and always very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Lynette said...

Fabulous photo! Nice text that goes with it, too. Hope this week is just as great.