Friday, February 20, 2009

Mark's Library Talk

Mark giving a talk on his book

I am so, so proud of Mark! Yesterday he gave his first book talk about his new book, which will be published next month. It's about the slave activities in our county and it's been almost one year in the works, though if you really think about how he got to this point, I'd say it was ten years in the making (when Mark first starting researching Smokey Joe Williams).

A couple of work buddies and I showed up at the Seguin Library and at first there weren't many people there. But folks started trickling in and all in all, there were about 79 people I was told! That was so great! I really enjoyed watching Mark share the stories we learned during his research -- stories of families and individuals, slaves and slave masters and mistresses -- really fascinating. AND the best part was that people in attendance asked some really great questions that allowed us all to explore our past. It was pretty cool.

I'm proud of you honey!! Can't wait to see the book in print.


E said...

Way to go Mark!

Cam was just there with his whole class today. One day late! =0)

Dan said...

Wonderful to see your man doing this. So when are you posting the link to