Saturday, February 07, 2009

What a Wonderful Day

Bees Feb09

Today was a wonderful day -- relaxing and fun. I watched our bees for a while in the backyard. Looks like they are doing fine, bringing in pollen and keeping busy. What's keeping them busy? Well, for one thing, I actually witnessed one of the nice bees fighting, yes fighting off the crazed Africanized bee from next door. Can you believe those bees are still not all dead yet? They are fiesty. They got out even with all that plastic wrapped around their hive and when they couldn't get back in, they started robbing the nice hive. I learned, though, that bees do know how to protect their hive; hence the little cat fight I witnessed. I wish my shots had come out clear so I could show you but with all the rolling around, none of the shots are worth posting.

This is a shot of one of the frames Mark pulled out of one of the hives. I thought it looked really beautiful and ever so golden. Mark told me that the light-color edges indicate new comb that the bees have made. That's good! And there's pollen in those little cells along with honey.

It was a lot of fun to do a little beekeeping with Mark today. I have been chilling out...beekeeping, photographing all sorts of things, working on a V-day project, even went by You're So Crafty to get some supplies for my project. I haven't had this much relaxing fun in ages! I can get use to this!


Dan said...

What a great picture! I would've taken this with a really long telephoto lens from a long, long way a way!

Thiên said...

LOL, very funny Dan. Really, they were so gentle, you wouldn't have needed to do that.

Kris said...

I hope that dead bees can't come back to haunt people... ;)

Thiên said...

Ha ha, Kris! You are evil!