Monday, February 09, 2009

Wind-blown Bees

Bees Feb09

Today Mark went to check on the bees to make sure none of the tops blew off over night. Yesterday we had some fierce winds blow through the area and the gusts were pretty amazing. Luckily, all the tops were still on the hives and the bees were doing well. That's good. We were both worried about that quite a bit.

We actually got a bit of rain over night. Not much...we need so much more to help with our drought. Sadly, I don't think we'll get it. I talked to my friend in Hope, Arkansas today and she said it was raining buckets up there and they can't get their steel products shipped if it keeps up (which it's suppose to do until THURSDAY!). I sure wish there was a way to share weather.

[Kris, we have yet to be haunted by any bees. So we're good. :-) ]


E said...

Yea, the tiny bit of rain that we got was nice, but I sure wish it had been more!

AlanDP said...

We always weigh down the lid with a brick or a big rock or something like that.

Brer said...

I live on East Nolte Street and I think I had the honor of escorting one of your bees safely out of my house yesterday. I've been looking in on your blog for little over a year now and always enjoy your pictures. I was just wondering if you ever practice the old custom of "telling the bees"? This is where the bee-keeper talks to the bees, telling them about anything important that is happening in the family, especially any moves, or births, or deaths. Couldn't be any worse than talking to your plants, and might help!

Thiên said...

Yes, I believe Mark put bricks on them. Brer, I talk to them but usually to ask them to leave me alone or at least not to sting me. :)

Kris said...

Has Phil from the Bee registry up in Austin come down and checked those suckers for signs of abuse yet?