Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Porcelain Insulators

Porcelain insulators

Last night I finished a post. But then either Blogger or I had a hiccup and it was gone. Poof. Gone. :( I was so tired and drained from work that I didn't even re-write it. Blah. It was just one of those days. Work is trying this week. We're suffering a bit from the whole economic situation but I won't delve into here. Hopefully things will pick up by year's end for all of us.

Last weekend was great weather and I snapped a lot of shots outside. These are some of my favorite porcelain insulators. I have posted about the glass ones before but these porcelain ones have their own, unique beauty also. Sometimes just looking at them makes me happy because I give myself the moment to get absorbed by their rich colors. I love the olive and the blues and the mustard. And the different shapes always make them unique and interesting. When you look at an "old time" insulator, no two are alike. That can't be said for the ones we see today on the tall poles.


E said...

Wow, I like 'em, too! Those are really unique and different. The colors are fabulous.

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