Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today's Letters Are...

Edible letters

I haven't had alphabet soup in ages but I have always enjoyed it. It's fun food. You can get all caught up looking at the letters and making words. LOL. So when my friend at work was eating their soup, I was mesmerized and could not move my gaze from the letters. They looked so cool. Luckily most of my friends are used to my picture taking so out came the camera.

One of the things I have noticed lately during these uncertain economic times, is that more and more people are beginning to think about the following things:
  1. Saving money by not eating out as much (hence eating soup in the office).
  2. Planning out a grocery list rather than buying as you cruise the store (we have planned our weekly meals for years and that really does help you cut waste).
  3. Saving, saving, saving...just in case you get a call into the office to say your services are no longer needed (everyone should save for a buffer on which to survive).

I think this is pretty responsible and they're the sorts of things we should be thinking about more often so that we don't take things for granted or waste resources. It's neat. It's one of the good things about the economy being the way it is.

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E said...

And here I sit trying to make words out of YOUR soup. ha ha ha