Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another a-frame in town

Another a-frame in town, originally uploaded by tgretchen.

Here's another a-frame I found in town. This one is located very near the coliseum and I liked the way it looked. I had posted
my first a-frame back in 2006.


Ann (MobayDP) said...

I'm glad you posted this one as I had not seen the 2006 post.

I must say that I have never seen a building like this, but I find the concept very interesting indeed.

Is this someone's home or maybe a guest cottage attached to a bigger house?

Jim said...

I always wanted an a-frame growing up. Still looks neat.

Thiên said...

They do look cool, don't they? It seems to be someone's home for sure. I didn't note any other attachments. :)

Would you believe there is a group on Flickr dedicated top these a-frames? Check it out.

Ioanna said...

It is wonderful! I want it, I buy it now! Dreamy!!!!

brian said...

i've always love a-frames... i think i've only been inside one in my life, and it was a mansion a-frame that was very cool... nice photo!

Pete said...

We have one of these that was built in 1973 in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. There are a few mor still here.I can send a picture if you like.

Pete Phillips

Thiên said...

That would be great, Pete. Sorry for the delayed response. Your post got lost in my inbox. :-) I'm from NC so I'd love to see the house pictures you'd like to share. Thanks!