Friday, February 22, 2008

Rosie's Pizza

Rosie's Pizza

This little pizza place opened a couple of years ago and seems to be doing well. I have always liked their pizza and you can't complain about the price. You can get a pepperoni pizza for just $6. Hard to believe and it's good, too! My nieces and nephew loved this place when they were visiting and we did pizza.

I also like the colors of their building and have waiting for a great time to take a shot. I was sitting at the stop light on my way back to work after lunch today when I saw this view and really like it that the water tower is in the background. Not to mention we had fantastic weather today. Lower 70F and crisp air. Cedar pollin is finally starting to let up a little. Hopefully it will be totally gone soon.


Jim said...

I think the best food joints are the ones that are ran by individuals, not the chains. I bet Rosies is wonderful.

Jana said...

$6 pizza!!??? Sign me up, lol.

Lynette said...

Pig wings? Does that sign say Pig Wings? Have you seen and/or eaten them?

What a great story about your trip to the Spurs'game, all details included--neat! Thanks so much for sharing it.