Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool deck

Cool deck

This is one of the neatest houses in town I think. I love that tree deck out back! Not to mention all the green around the house as well as the white picket fence. Nice.

It appears I jumped the gun when I posted the graffiti shot. :) I totally forgot to check theme for March and guess what? The theme will be graffiti/wall mural. Luckily Mark and I know of two other options for this theme so be sure to check back on March 1 and not only will I have my own shot, you'll be able to visit over 100 other photo bloggers participating in the same theme event.

Have a great >week<>


Annie said...

White picket fences really do make for a neat and cozy look.

Tomorrow we will have blue skies and sunshine and warmer temperatures. I imagine there will be golfers on the courses, playing hookey from the workaday woes.

Clueless in boston said...

That is a great deck. Now that's what you call having a bird's eye view.

brian said...

I love that deck! i wonder if they use that to spy on the neighbors =)... or maybe if there was a drive inn movie theater nearby....

Thiên said...

Yes, I love the fence and that deck is so cool. I only wish there was a nearby drive-in.

Joy said...

White picket fences! How country. I like it!

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