Monday, February 04, 2008

Writing cards for the New Year

Cards for Tet

This evening I am feeling well again and realize I have lots to do to prepare the house for Tet this Thursday. At my previous job, I had plenty of holiday leave so I always knew that I could take a couple of days off to clean, shop, cook and so on. Starting my new job means no leave and preparations were to be made this past weekend but as you read, I spent most of it totally out of it with a throbbing head. I won't describe the rest of what the terrible cedar has done to so many of us around here.

I am hoping these cards will make it to their destinations on time! Mark and I wrote our well wishes to everyone and tomorrow they go in the mailbox. It was very hard to find Tet cards this year. Normally we've had good luck finding them in Hallmark, HEB and even Walgreen's stores. Not so this year in Seguin. Luckily my wonderful sister stopped by Saturday and shared her cards with me plus she also gave me some TLC. Thanks to Mark and Lan for taking such good care of me.


zentmrs said...

Beautiful cards - I like this shot!

Southern Heart said...

Your cards are lovely!

Joel said...

when does tet start?