Saturday, February 23, 2008

Graffiti wall


I have been in Seguin about ten years now and have always been amazed by the fact that there is a noticeable absence of graffiti around town. That was nice. Then last week, I was driving home on Court Street and I spotted this wall and was really drawn to the bright colors of the wall. I liked it and kept checking for a good day to go back to snap a shot. My favorite feature is the city name is inlcuded. :)


Jim said...

wow, it looks very good, bright colors.

Annie said...

It is actually pretty attractive, isn't it.

You will be voting soon, Thien. I send you good wishes for a good vote and I hope your vote will be for the next President of the U.S.

Jana said...

That is pretty colorful. Great find!

Joy said...

Lovely wall! :-) So what are you going to post on the theme day?

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brian said...

i really like the seguin texas part... the whole thing is cool, but the pink and green really stand out.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the picture! My 8yr old granddaughter just emailed me her attempt to draw a cardinal and then I saw this.... wonderful! I sent her the link to see your picture and she thinks it is "cool!"

Chris said...

This is actually very nice-looking graffiti. We were appalled at the amount of graffiti in a few European cities last fall. . .Lisbon was really bad.

Deslilas said...

One is nice, more it could be boring. Have a look to the walls near each railway station of Paris for instance. The beautiful gradditis are spoilt by the ugly ones without any interest but to tell I was there.