Friday, February 01, 2008

Volleyball night

Volleyball at Seguin Activity Center

A couple of nights ago, I went to the Seguin Activity Center where some friends were playing volleyball. It was hard to get a great shot b/c the lighting is challenging in the evening there. The flash can't do the job b/c of the distance but no flash was pushing it. I tried several manual settings but I still have a lot to learn. However, that said, I did find this one shot that I like. It looks like my friend Sonia could be playing basketball and not volleyball. I caught her at the right moment. Looks as if she just made a basket!

I am still fighting whatever it is I have -- can't tell if severe allergies or some bug going around that I have. All I know is I'm tired and the coughing is getting worse. :( So I have not been out and about too much for photo opportunities. Sorry. I'm now off to take the Theraflu and head to bed.


Jim said...

Your picture turned out great. I heard tonight on the news that the flu is starting to hit Texas hard. Telling everyone to get a flu shot.

Thiên said...

I got mine as usual. Maybe it's what is making this not as bad as some of my coworker's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thien,

Nice blog. How are things going? Write sometime.

Patric Meza

Joy said...

Hope you feel better soon. What works for me - chicken soup and canned peaches! Lots of bowls and lots of cans of them!

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