Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One last stop on our walk


Finally, after a walk from the house to the library, we circled around and stopped by the house of friends who have just moved here from California recently. They just got this new little puppy and we wanted to meet her. Her name is Gracie and they got her from the animal shelter. That is also where we got Smokey, our cat. They have a very clean facility and the animals are well cared for I think. I will try to make a visit there soon for a photo if possible.


Southern Heart said...

Awww..Gracie is a sweetie, too! All of our pets have been foundlings or shelter pets, too. They make such wonderful companions.

Annie said...

I think you will run the risk of coming home with a new pet for yourself, Thien. I can never go to the shelter without feeling my heart get tugged.

Thiên said...

Oh I know, you are both right. I do love to visit there but it is hard not to want to take them all!!

Joy said...

She is beautiful! I am CRAZY about dogs. I have two babies myself - both Japanese Spitz. I collect books on dogs. And I talk to mine on the Internet because they're in Manila :(

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